About us


ROTO’s headquarters is in the Slovenia. The company employs more than 450 people and had revenues of €40m in 2017. Production is organized in 6 locations in four countries. ROTO exports more than 70% of its products to 52 markets around the world. Run by the Pavlinjek family, the company has built a global reputation for the quality of its products. 
ROTO manufactures more than 4,000 different products. Many of them are made using rotational molding. Indeed, ROTO is one of the market leaders in its industry. It has been responsible for many innovations in plastic-molding technology during the last 45 years and has worked closely with universities, institutes and plastics industry associations.

Our company has established a quality system ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

The company’s main production segments are products for agriculture, ecology, gardening and sport. Using plastics composites and the latest production technologies, ROTO also makes kayaks, canoes and high-performance boats.

Manufacturing as a custom molder, ROTO serves a wide variety of industry sectors, including construction, automotive, nautical, logistics, aquaculture and agricultural machinery. Its custom- molded products include fuel and water tanks for motorcycles, tractors, trucks, sailing boats and motorboats, caravans and motorhomes, and components for many different machines. 
ROTO works to increase its products’ value by enhancing their design, intelligently using materials and modern production technologies, and ensuring a high-quality nish. The company also takes great pride in its after-sales service.

About us

Welcome to the Roto Group, together we can do exciting things. Roto’s beginnings date back to 1949, and are a family business being run by a third generation. Their international expansion, consistent growth, innovation and commitment to family business values positioned them as the first Slovenian company to receive EY's Family Business Award of Excellence. Roto works closely with universities, institutes and associations to provide new innovations within the plastics industry. As a custom roto-moulder, Roto works in a wide variety of sectors including automotive, construction, nautical and agriculture. With a passion for enhancing design and quality while intelligently using materials and modern technology, Roto strive for a clean, long life product that can be recycled and reused in the future. Join our journey and see what we can do for you.

Recent update

Introducing the Iguana Edition of kayaks and canoes. At Paddleexpo Roto introduced the newly designed Iguana Edition, by artist Tilen Zbona. Our "Back to Nature" campaign promotes lifestyle and recycling. As part of the campaign you will be able to exchange your old rotomoulded canoe or kayak at Roto and receive a discount on buying a new one. Roto will recycle the old plastic and manufacture new garden products from the material. 

Company details

Headquarters: Puconci, Murska Sobota

Year founded: 1949

Company type: Privately Held

Company size: 201-500 employees

Specialties: Manufacturing, Distribution, Rotomoulding, Design, Product Development, Intelligent eco Solutions, Composites & GRP, Plastic, Rainwater Harvesting, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Grease & Oil Separators, Septic Tanks, Pumping Stations & Shafts, and Water Tanks.


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