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RoSilo 10 m3 free standing


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RoSilo 10 m3 free standing


Silo is intended to store feeding stuff, grain, briquettes, flour, etc. It is a one piece polyethylene pantry and constructed in a way to easily support the weight of stored material. Since it is a one-peace model, it is 100% waterproof and prevents moisture from leaking into the silo. Polyethylene Roto silo has 12 – 14 mm wallthickness, which provide excellent thermal insulation. Thus, the silo will maintain its inside temperature even if outside temperatures change rapidly. Smooth walls prevent sticky materials from sticking to the wall. The silo weights just over 300 kg. Its weight allows easy placement and transportation. It is well balanced so it doesn’t need to be installed on concrete floor. Due to freestanding form, its mobility is excellent. The silo can easily be moved from one place to another. Roto’s 10m3 silo is only 4,2 m high, so it can be placed inside an outbuilding. Silo has a long lifetime. Wall thickness, great statics and UV polyethylene stability. After this the silo can be 100% recycled.

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