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Roterra at CocaCola packaging factory 03 Dec / 2021

Roterra at CocaCola packaging factory

This week ROTO installed 3 new 60.000 L rainwater tanks Roterra 2450 in Serbian company Energo PET. The factory manufactures packaging for food and beverages companies like Jamnica, Pepsi, Cocacola, Dukat and many others. Rainwater harvesting is the most traditional and sustainable method, which could be easily used for potable and nonpotable purposes both in residential and commercial buildings. Complete building in Krnjesevci, Srbija now collects rainwater in ROTO polyethylene tanks from the roof and use it for irrigation, toilets and shower. Considering the cost for installation and maintenance expenses, the system is effective and economical.

Visit us at Roto Garden Expo 22 Feb / 2021

Visit us at Roto Garden Expo

The world’s biggest trade fair for garden lifestyle GAFA 2020 was sadly canceled due to the current situations. But this will not stop us to show you, our dear clients, partners, friends, the latest innovations and products in our GARDEN product range. After challenging times without many direct contacts, mutual exchange and networking are more important than ever. Please check out our video, virtual tour, products and catalogues and feel free to contact us. We will be glad to organise a conference call or video meetings over popular apps.

Innovative grass lids over Roto tanks 16 Jun / 2020

Innovative grass lids over Roto tanks

Roto rainwater harvesting tanks are usually installed underground in the yard, where grass is growing over the tank.

River Camping Bled 13 May / 2020

River Camping Bled

Roto is pround to take care of the natural beauties in Slovenia. These days the ROTO technical team is working on the SBR-Q waste water treatment plant for new campsite »River Camping Bled« in the size of 500 population units.


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