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Harvesting Rainwater 26 Mar / 2020

Harvesting Rainwater

Decision to harvest rainwater from the roof can really help to save water. Collected rainwater from storage tank can be used outdoors for watering the garden.

Over 5m deep underground waste water shafts 03 May / 2020

Over 5m deep underground waste water shafts

ROTO manufacures PE-HD sewage shafts and manholes also for pipes that are installed over 5m deep underground.

Loading 50.000 L tanks 19 Feb / 2020
Roto kayaks at Boot Dusseldorf 27 Jan / 2020

Roto kayaks at Boot Dusseldorf

Last Satuday, the largest nautical fair in Europe, Boot Dusseldorf Germany, open its door. The best products and innovations in water sports and natic will be presented until 26.01.2020. The Hall 14 is dedicated to kayaking, where most boats can also be tested on the river polygon, which has been staged in the hall for fair time.


Tank Roterra 40.000 L 26 Nov / 2019

Tank Roterra 40.000 L

Last year we installed oil separators, satisfied customer ordered this year water storage tank, that was a project together with Kolektor, the largest construction company in Slovenia


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